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Monday, November 19, 2012

OOTD: Paisley Blazer

Finally got around to wearing this paisley blazer out! I'm so glad I found this piece because the print is not so obnoxious, as other certain paisley prints can be. I was going to wear nude chunky heels with this outfit, but I thought the olive lining of the blazer matched well with the forest green booties :)

What I Wore:
paisley blazer: thrifted
v-neck: Forever 21 (I cut it to a crop top)
HW shorts: thrifted
thigh-highs: Shasa
booties: Forever 21

Thursday, November 1, 2012

OOTD: A Bit of Everything

I'm so glad I didn't get rid of this top. Instead, I fringed it and now I wear it all the time. As you can see, I'm wearing a variety of different prints and patterns, which is the reason for the ootd's title.

I live in Texas and we have been experiencing some crazy bipolar weather, which still calls for shorts, short sleeves, and skirts. I have to be honest though, I wish we had an actual fall, damn it! haha.

What I Wore:
top: MetroPark
skirt: Forever 21
wedges: Bakers Shoes
gold earring: H&M

Monday, October 15, 2012

OOTD: Nothing Lasts Forever.

I know I always have an excuse but a lot has been going on in my life. 
No worries, though. It's not going to stop me from blogging. I enjoy it too much <3

I absolutely love this floral denim vest that I snatched up from the sale section at XXI. You never know what great things you can find on sale! Also, the coral bag that I am holding is actually a Clinique cosmetics bag that I thrifted. I thought the shape, rigidity, and color of it makes it a great "clutch."  Not everything has to be used for what its purpose is. Utilize what you got, ladies and gents :)

What I Wore:
- floral denim vest: Forever 21
- black bandeau: A'gaci
- black high-waist shorts: Forever 21
- red wedges: AmiClubwear
- coral Clinique bag: thrifted
- frames: Forever 21

Monday, October 1, 2012

OOTD: Autumn Breeze

Jeez, I haven't posted in so long. School is taking over my life, guys!

Finally got to wear this maxi skirt that I thrifted a while back. It's a bit big on me so I had to wear a belt to hold it up and besides, I think it looks better with a belt, right?

What I Wore:
- white v-neck tee: Forever 21
- floral maxi skirt: thrifted
- camel waist belt: thrifted
- tan fringe crossbody bag: Shasa
- nude chunky heels: AmiClubwear

Thursday, September 13, 2012

OOTD: Rust & Black

I just realized this is my first post with my hair in an up-do.
Random, I know :)

Anyways, I love button-up tops! They're so versatile. If I don't have it tucked in my bottoms, I often tie the front like this! I love the look with any high-waist shorts. These shorts are the diy shorts I made and posted about before. To see the post, click here.
By the way, I should have done a shoe haul post but I couldn't wait to wear these black booties. Been on the search for edgy, buckle, black bootie heels and found them. Shoe haul post will be up soon enough! <3

What I wore: 
- rust striped s/l button-up top: Love Culture
- silver chain necklace: Forever 21
- bleach ombre studded shorts: thrift/diy
- black glitter clutch: (I don't remember, sorry!)
- black buckle booties: AmiClubwear

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Epic Summer Thrift Haul!

This past summer 'vacation' (I didn't have much of a vacation *tear) was full of shopping... thrift shopping. I am an avid shopper of the local thrift stores scattered throughout where I live, including the many locations of the infamous Goodwill stores. Every time I dropped by a thrift store, my luck struck and I always happened to walk away with great purchases! You will see that most of these items are not exactly summer attire, but I think that that's perfect with the fall season coming up. I managed to not lose or throw away my receipts, so I fortunately have the prices for each item! So without further ado, let's get started :)

Leopard print nylon sweatshirt [$3.99] - super lightweight, and I just adore that particular print. I'm not a huge fan of cartoonish looking leopard print.
Denim jacket with fur collar/cuffs [$4.99] - I have been looking for a denim jacket with fur accents and this one fits so perfectly!
Plum oversized blazer [$2.99] - I'm not going to lie. This blazer is huge, esp. with the unnecessary shoulder pads. But I cut the pads off and am thinking of adding studs to the shoulders.

Lt. Blue fitted blazer [$4.99] - I just love the color of this blazer and it fits fairly nicely. I'm debating on whether to do a diy experiment with this one as well.
Paisley oversized blazer with olive satin lining [$4.99] - I was overly ecstatic when I found this blazer. I just absolutely love the print and cannot wait to wear these with shorts and tights!

H. Grey blazer [$2.99] - I'm definitely going to do a diy on this one because it's super plain. Thinking of adding a fun printed lining to the cuffs.
Red blazer with black fur collar [$1.99] - This blazer is definitely big but I think it will look cute that way. I'm most likely going to remove the shoulder pads to make the fit a bit more reasonable.

Floral (scrubs?) satin jacket [$1.49] - I know what you're thinking.. but the print was just too pretty for me to resist. Honestly, I didn't realize it was scrubs until my bf mentioned it. I may be cutting off the sleeves to eradicate the ridiculous scrubs look.
Hawaiian-esque men's shirt [$2.49] - This shirt is humongous on me but that never stops me (if you couldn't tell already). It also looked cute when I tied it at the front, forming a baggy cropped shirt look.

Rasberry weave-pattern shoulder oversized blazer [$2.99] - sort of similar to the plum one but the shoulders got me! I wore this once with a grey skirt and black floral tights.
Dark purple faux suede blazer [$1.49] - at least I think it is faux suede? anyway, this blazer is too plain for my liking, as well. Diy needed on this one! leopard lapel, maybe?

Here's a close-up for a better viewing of the colors of those two blazers.

Vintage black mini dress with lace detail - My mother handed this down to me so I proclaim it as vintage (: It's a tad baggy on me so I may have to alter it. Love the lace detail at the top though.
Ivory lace fitted tank dress with slit [$3.99] - This dress had me jumping up and down. I love everything about it. It fits me so well and the slit is flattering!

Here's a close-up of the ivory dress.

Tribal cropped sweater vest [$2.99] - This vest is so cute. I love the pattern and I may be pairing it up with a simple lbd and black booties in the near future.
Light pink embellished button-up collared tank [$2.99] - as you can see, this tank is WAY too big for my own good, but the embellished detail on it was too nice to pass up. With adjustments, I think I can make it work.

Here is a close-up of the embroidery/embellishments on the tank~

(I'm always on the hunt for high-waisted pants/shorts)
From left to right:
GAP jeans [$4.99] - These fit comfortably and I haven't cut them into shorts just yet!
Levi's kids' jeans [$1.99] - You'll be surprised what you can find in the kids' section! These are not as high-waisted as I would like but they are super comfortable. I am thinking of dye-ing them. Not sure though.
Levi's kids' dark wash jeans [$2.49] - I've already diy-ed these, obviously. I added star studs and 'destroyed' them.

Here's the diy in some detail.

Floral crossbody bag [$6.99] - This bag is in such good condition and the print is so pretty and girly. I haven't worn it out yet. Seems it would go with any simple outfit.
Rasberry cluth [$2.49] - This clutch doesn't fit much but I love the color of it. For that price, why the heck not?
Ivory tassle crossbody bag [$1.50] - I've worn this in one of my ootd's. This bag is just so cute and dainty. Very small, so I have to keep my items to a minimum. You can't tell, but this bag is very sturdy and shaped.
Tan Liz Claiborne crossbody bag [$2.92] - This is my go to bag on lazy days. It actually carries a good amount of items, due to its compartments. The material is some sort of soft leather.

That's the end of it, guys and gals.
You don't always have to spend a fortune to get items for your wardrobe (:

Thanks for reading!

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